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Action Reaction Custom Made Foot Orthotics

We are meant to walk. In fact, scientists and research state that we are meant to walk greater and faster than any other animal on earth, at least back in the day when we would hunt and chase animals for our meals. We are made bipedal (two legged) versus quadruped (four legged) in order to...
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Mobility vs. Stability: How not to get them confused

By George Barlow Most people have heard the phrase, “lift with your legs and not your back”. The warning makes sense, but a deeper explanation is required. The buzz term “core” is often overused and incorrectly used. Think about the core of something: it is the equidistant center. The core is essentially the spine and...
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The Planes of Motion and How the Body Moves in Them

By George Barlow The human body moves in three dimensions (or planes): the frontal, sagittal, and transverse planes. To describe these planes of motion, it is more effective to provide specific examples of planes as opposed to the definitions. • The Frontal Plane: While standing upright and looking into a mirror, bend side to side and/or...
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