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Home Health Physical Therapy

Good news for physical therapy patients: Action Reaction is starting home health physical therapy! This type of care is crucial for patients, especially for those right out of an orthopedic operation. We can now act as a direct bridge between home health and outpatient orthopedic physical therapy.

What is home health PT?

Home health care provides medical...
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Patient Education for Better Physical Therapy

By George Barlow One of the biggest roles of a physical therapist is patient education. A very common question that patients ask is, “what can I do at home?” Oftentimes, simple exercises are prescribed at home, and performing them consistently and correctly can have a positive affect on patient outcomes. But a concept that is greater...
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Recovering from a Car Accident Faster with Physical Therapy

Car accidents, even small ones, almost always mean a bad day. The effects of a car accident can take that bad day and extend it for days, weeks, even sometimes years. There is insurance to deal with, financial issues may arise, medical treatments & bills—and there can be long-lasting physical discomfort. Proper treatment for injuries,...
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Intro to Action Reaction Physical Therapy

by Dzuka Lin, PT/Owner of Action Reaction Physical Therapy Hi all, I'm Dzuka Lin, and I just wanted to introduce my company, Action Reaction Physical Therapy, and the new blog section. In a nutshell, we are a private practice outpatient orthopedic company in North Seattle with an emphasis on 1-on-1 education and treatment for you the patient. Our...
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