Home Health Physical Therapy

Good news for physical therapy patients: Action Reaction is starting home health physical therapy! This type of care is crucial for patients, especially for those right out of an orthopedic operation. We can now act as a direct bridge between home health and outpatient orthopedic physical therapy.

What is home health PT?

Home health care provides medical...
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Balancing Your Muscle Groups

A balanced body works better. It is no coincidence that the two sides of the body are symmetrical, with corresponding ligaments and tendons. Our bodies function best when our muscles and bones are equally strong and healthy. Your opposing muscle groups are meant to work together in harmony, and when one group is worked more...
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Physical Therapy and Surgery

In our modern era, there are a plethora of surgeries that one can have to fix and/or improve physical function. Modern medicine actually allows us to substitute parts of our body with replacement parts to alleviate pain and repair broken or malfunctioning parts (e.g., knee replacement surgery). Your preparation before the surgery, and especially after...
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Ways to Avoid Sports Injuries

With spring around the corner, warmer weather on the way, and a plethora of outdoor activities on the horizon, it’s important to begin preparing your body for all of your athletic ambitions so as to avoid injury. As you’re getting out your soccer cleats, bike shorts, ball gloves and tennis racket, consider some of these...
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Common Reasons to Seek Physical Therapy Treatment

A few years ago, the Institute of Medicine researched & reported that an estimated 116 million Americans live with chronic pain. Other studies show that around 60 million of those people suffer specifically from lower back pain. Statistically speaking, that means about 38%, or around 2/5, of you are dealing with pain that has lasted...
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Patient Education for Better Physical Therapy

By George Barlow One of the biggest roles of a physical therapist is patient education. A very common question that patients ask is, “what can I do at home?” Oftentimes, simple exercises are prescribed at home, and performing them consistently and correctly can have a positive affect on patient outcomes. But a concept that is greater...
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